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La case Kréol

Saint-Étienne > 7 rue Dormoy
With its exotic flavours, colours and spices, Kréol’s cuisine takes you on a journey to the Mascarene Islands (Reunion-Mauritius) and the West Indies. With over 20 years’ experience, the chef looks forward to preparing all his best dishes for you.

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Le Ti'Punch

Saint-Étienne > 6 rue Dormoy
"Chef Philippe Virapol creates homemade dishes such as fried beef fritters, rougail sausage, samosas, bouchons and cabri massalé, among others, and desserts like white coconut blancmange or sweet potato cake. The takeaway taster menu costs € 10 and the standard takeaway menu costs € 15 (charcuterie platter, hot dish and dessert). The manager also offers a voucher for a meal with the gourmet menu (selection of starters, prawns in sauce, selection of dishes and desserts)! The atmosphere and the surroundings are perfect for meeting friends, so why not all come along! "
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