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Moudon > Rue du Temple
The Village of Moudon is housed between two rivers, the ground and the Mérine, which refresh the sandstone cliffs which cling the Upper Town. The origin of Moudon back to Roman times when the fortified camp protected the route between Rome and Avenches. In the Middle Ages, trading becomes increasingly important until the day becomes the Moudon administrative and judicial center which meets regularly States of Vaud. Today, Moudon and the region have endless activities and events to offer their guests between cultural heritage and history in a country setting. Walking and cycling, visiting museums and galleries, wine tastings, demonstrations of various crafts, swin-golf, ostrich farms or traditional industries and castles await you for surprising discoveries. Not forgetting to come to stroll the weekend in our markets, a dip in the pool, stroll through the Upper Town at the Brocante du Bourg, dancing at the Popular Music Festival, to parade at Brandons, or to make a painting for the Festival Open Air / Drive-in of Broye.
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