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Bangalore > Regd Office :110,1st Floor, 4th Main, 2nd Cross, HAL 3rd Stage.
India's only 100 % Eco Resort. We are located in Hessarghatta which is 40 kms from Bangalore city and the new Airport. We have 24 deluxe rooms, a bar, a spa, a restaurant, India's first fully natural pond style swimming pool, and a conference room. We also have a lot of unusual activities that may interest you - activities that go back to our roots and borrowed from Indian villages. We play games like gilli danda, bugri (spinning top), flying kites, etc. We also have specially designed animal friendly bullock carts for rides. Besides this we also show people how to milk cows, churn butter, plough a field, etc - all geared towards doing something completely different that will also be mind opening. We hope that these will be of interest to you. Our Native Village recreates the ambience of a typical traditional Indian village with mud brick edifices, quaint tiled roofs and landscapes punctuated with Herostones that tell tales of the glorious yester years. Here at the Village we try to bring back to life the long forgotten joyful experiences treasured in some forgotten corner of your memory. We are almost completely self-sustaining we make maximum use of natural, recyclable resources to meet our power and water requirements. We generate our own eco friendly power through Solar Energy, Wind Mill Energy & Bio Gas Energy, harvest rainwater, and recycle waste & water to meet most of our needs. We even grow some of our own organic vegetables.

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Vaumarcus > Route du camp 7
The Camp is a privileged meeting place, where the relation with the fellow man can be lived in an environment furthermore agéables. In group, with your classes of ecole, catechumens, younger children(juniors), boy scout, companies, seminaires, brass bands, choirs, family, parishes, marriages etc.... Chaucun will find an infrastructure to adapt and a team to accompany you in your projects.
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