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Le Jardin aux oiseaux

Upie > Quartier Chabeluc
the shows Since 1995, the Birds Garden proposes shows with birds for free. A Parrots show and a Rapacious show in theft. Discover the complicity between the Animal Handlers and birds. shows of parrots The first in the afternoon is the Parrots show which allows to discover the intelligence of these birds with exercices on table, and their beauty in free theft. you will discover their intellectual and physical capacities, like calculation (additions and multiplications !) or riding a bike. You will also see Macaws and Cockatoos taking a real pleasure to act as actors in front of their public. A pedagogic and entertaining comment allows you to understand the peculiarities of these extraodinary birds. The rapacious show The second show will impress you thanks to the virtuosity of rapacious in full theft. Majestic acrobats or lazy practical jokers, birds show you their natural aptitudes: the Hawk's speed, the Milan's suppleness, pirates of the sky, the Tawny Vulture's strengh or the nocturnal rapacious hypnotic glance. A surprise bunch of Ibis, storks and pigeons knocking over, end off the show. The comment of our passionated birds handler will reveal some secrets about these birds and their protection.
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