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Aix-les-Bains > 49, Boulevard du Lac Grand Port
Aix-les-Bains is an ideal place to spend holidays or to organize a teammeeting. Indeed, the town, lake and mountains around Aix-les-Bains composed a beautiful and perfect landscape to organise outdoor activities. Located in Aix-les-Bains, our guide office can organise sportive activities in the Alps. If you are a group, a teambuilding or with friends, don't hesitate to call us, we would be pleased to give you informations on what it is possible to offer you.

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Lake Elsinore > 20701 Cereal Street
Welcome to Skydive Elsinore located approximately one hour away from both San Diego and Los Angeles metropolitan areas. Skydive Elsinore is nestled in the scenic Elsinore Valley, home to Southern California's largest natural lake and next to the beautiful Ortega Mountains

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Good wind conditions, thermals reaching up to 4000 meters ASL, fantastic views and proximity to the sea, make Oludeniz one of the safest scenic places to fly in the world.

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Seynes >
Fly ! Why not you ? And what if we went flying together !? We would be very glad indeed to make you discover the pleasures of a tandem flight and share with you the joy, exhilaration, serenity and beauty of paragliding. In the company of a professional pilot, a paragliding instructor, you can "be like a bird", rise up and have a sky view of the earth. Paragliding, also called "free flight", is an air sport accessible to all and at any age. Tandem paragliding flights do not require any previous knowledge or experience of paragliding at all. It is a great way to enjoy the full paragliding aerial experience, without having to first learn how to launch and control the paraglider yourself. Your desire to fly and a few running steps at takeoff and landing is all that is needed. Once airborne you will be comfortably seated and your pilot will do the rest. If you want and if the conditions are suitable, the pilot can even let you do some of the flying. Our main flying spot is the Mt Bouquet in the Gard but we also fly on other spots in the area as well as in the surrounding regions and we are open all year round. You can choose among several types of tandem flights. For the pleasure of offering we also propose gift vouchers. See you soon !
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